The Sentimental Value of Jewellery

This week, we're sharing a story that one of our customers told us. We had a young lady come to the store last month, her name was Jazmin. She loved fashion jewellery very much, and she brought some of her old jewellery in for repairs. She had been going around town looking for a jewellery store that could fix her fashion jewellery. Some places couldn't do the repairs because they didn't have the skills to do it. Other stores could do it, but they charged more than the original price of her jewellery. One of these stores referred Jazmin to our store.

We understand that some jewellery has great sentimental value to our customers. When Jazmin brought in her broken jewellery, she was amazed that we could actually solder and repair it at a reasonable price. She was so happy with the service that she left the following customer testimonial:

"Thank you for the amazing service. No job can't be done here. Love." -Jasmin, Feb 22, 2012

She left the store saying that she would tell all her friends about us.

We absolutely love hearing stories from our customers. If you have a story to share, send us an email, and your story may be featured on our blog.

Posted on March 8, 2012 and filed under testimonials.