Our goldsmith and owner is Wing Chan. He was born and raised in Hong Kong. Wing's professional journey began at the age of 16 to help support his family, he started a goldsmith apprenticeship at a famous jewellery manufacturer in Hong Kong. During that time, he took many courses in jewellery design and crafting. Upon graduation from his apprenticeship, he had to produce a masterpiece to showcase his skills; he handcrafted a Chinese Jade gold ring which he gave to his mother as a gift and as a sign of his appreciation.

In 1979, Wing immigrated to Canada as a skilled goldsmith craftsman and landed in Edmonton, Alberta to work for Tara Jewellers Mfg. In 1981, he moved to Victoria, British Columbia to work for Capital Jewellers Mfg. By 1984, Wing decided to open his own jewellery manufacturer. The business opened on the same date as the birth of Wing's second son. In honour of the occasion, he took the initials of his two boys, and named in business C&K Jewellers Mfg. As the business grew, Wing decided to expand into the retail jewellery space, and opened Vanessa Jewellers Ltd. in 1987. The name 'Vanessa' was selected because it was reserved for Wing's dream daughter if he ever had a daughter. Since 1987, Vanessa Jewellers has been serving downtown Victoria.

After 30+ years of experience, Wing Chan's passion remains in custom designing jewellery. Every month he features new exclusive jewellery pieces that he crafts by hand in his workshop. This is our competitive advantage; unique one-of-a-kind custom jewellery. Come drop by the store to see his latest masterpieces.

With our on-site workshop, we are also able to service all your jewellery repair needs. Our service is fast and prompt because we do not ship our work orders out. By keeping our jewellery repairs internal, it keeps costs low by eliminating middle-men. On-site jewellery service allows us to offer extremely competitive prices. Contact us to find out more.