Layaway Plan

We strive to make our prices as competitive and reasonable as possible; however we know sometimes financing a purchase can be a challenge. This is why Vanessa Jewellers is proud to offer our layaway plan which enables our customers to make purchases in a fiscally responsible manner.

How The Layaway Plan Works

  • You make a down-payment.
  • You choose the number of payments and the number of months you wish to pay.
  • We hold onto your purchase.
  • You pickup your purchase on your last payment.

Layaway is an easy way to plan and budget for purchases for any occasion (Christmas, graduation, engagement, wedding, anniversary).

We accept cash, Interac, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal for payments.

$0 Fees And 0% Interest For The Layaway Plan

That's right, our layaway plan has zero fees, and zero interest. Save money.

An Example Of The Layaway Plan

It's January, and Robert is planning on proposing to his girlfriend in the summer. He has begun ring shopping and happens to find an engagement ring that he really likes at Vanessa Jewellers. The engagement ring costs $999.99; however Robert does not have the lump sum available. Robert would need a couple months to save enough money for the purchase, but he's worried that this one-of-a-kind engagement ring will be sold soon. Robert asks about financing options, and discovers that Vanessa Jewellers offers a layaway plan. Under the plan, Vanessa Jewellers will hold onto Robert's engagement ring in the vault until it is paid in full. Robert figures that he is able to afford making payments of $200/month for 5 months. At the end of the 5 months, Robert makes his final payment and happily picks up his engagement ring.