The Beauty of a Recreated Ring

A ring I gave my Mom 40 years ago was stolen.  I wanted to recreate it as closely as possible.  I had quotes from other jewellers but they could not promise it would even be close.  I kept being told they could not do that setting.

I talked to Wing Chan and he understood what I wanted.  I brought him my opal which was a bit larger than the opal in the original ring but the same colour and an old diamond ring. Wing agreed to use them and add the diamond into the setting.  I wanted the diamond to signify that it was a replacement ring.....

With only a bad photo of the original ring and a picture of a similar setting, Wing created a new ring that is nearly an exact copy of the original!  When he showed it to me I nearly cried, it was so beautiful and so close to the original ring.  I love my new ring!

-Judy Hadley

Posted on December 12, 2015 .