Matthew & Genevieve

We had the most wonderful, kind, patient and loving experience at Vanessa Jewellers. We had spent many painstaking months searching for the perfect wedding rings, and people we could genuinely trust to meet our special needs and student budget. This couple was so upfront, confident and reassuring about the prices and styles they could produce for us, and they were even able to have one of our rings custom made with Amethyst and gold we wanted to use from other family members’ jewelry. This is exactly what we had dreamed!! And they pulled all of this off in a week, so that we would have everything done in time for our wedding.

Prior to having all of dreams met and problems solved, we were almost defeated because we had invested over a month of time in another jeweler who misled us about the pricing. This person was going to charge us hundreds of dollars more than what Vanessa charged us, and give us rings that weren’t right for us. Then once when we step foot in Vanessa Jewellers, we just knew right away that we were dealing with really kind and trustworthy people.

We can’t thank Vanessa Jewellers enough for making our wedding so special. To everyone in Victoria, PLEASE consider visiting this wonderful family if you care to share ideas, see what is affordable for you, and get the jewelry you want in a timely and very satisfying manner. Their work is so precious!!!

-Matthew & Genevieve,
Victoria, BC


Posted on November 29, 2013 .